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None of you guys are going. :[

I'm still not sure whether I am going yet. I wasn't planning on it because I thought Showa was going to be during the same time as Otakon (as it was last year) so going to Showa would kinda be a waste since I'd miss most of it for Ota.

Well, anyways they aren't at the same time this year.

Here are my Pros and Cons for Going/Not Going


- Meeting Japs(lolololol racism)
- I've been going for like, 5 years or some crazy shit
- This would be my *last* year since I would be too old
- I personally don't have to pay for it
- http://photobucket.com/albums/v334/jess_mullane/Showa/


- MEREDITH. Plz 2 be killing myself. Last year I had MAJOR problems with her which I can honestly say was one of the main factors of me leaving Showa early last year.
- CLASSES. I'm sorry, I've done these stupid classes for the past 5 years. Same classes. By this point I could *teach* them myself. They should just let me sleep in.
- Being the (or one of 2) of the oldest going.
- Too many fucking 12 (13, 14, whatever) year olds. I dunno. Really, this only bothered me last year because there were so many (American and Japanese).
- Friendship fucking bracelets/lame activites
- Counselors. I'd take a drunken counselor over stuck up douchebag counselor. That Sara girl being excluded from that; she was awesome.
- I don't care much about Japan as I used to.
- Annoying girls that only go because they think Japs only care about ANIMU. LOLZ

I'll gradually add to this list as I think of more.
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